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Museo de Juguetes (Toy Museum)

The Toy Museum, located in the El Arrabal neighbourhood of Albarracín, was founded by Eustaquio Castellano thanks to his love of these small and not-so-small objects, born of a whim, the ingenuity of imagination, and above all the art of imitating not only nature, but also human life with their historical events and characters.

To understand this museum, we have to go back to over five decades ago, when Eustaquio began collecting toys, a collection which currently contains more than twelve thousand pieces. The need to preserve all that precious material and to be able to offer people the opportunity to revisit their early memories, is what prompted the founding of the Fundación Eustaquio Castellano, to show the world this fascinating work.

The museum is located in a typical Albarracín-style house, where a special space has been created for an imaginary world. The museum is divided into three floors; the ground floor, which was used formerly as corrals, houses the temporary exhibition room and the museum’s offices. The first floor and the top floor, formerly the granary, house hundreds of toys: cut-outs, doll houses, electric model trains, little horses, a 1920s zoetrope, miniature puppet theatres… some outstanding pieces include a toy hippodrome, Neolithic games, board games, etc.

The visitor won’t just see toys, but also the part of history that can be learnt through these little stories that we have forged.

The Foundation also produces annual talks on different toy themes in partnership with other museums, under the title Juegos, juguetes y actividades educativas para la igualdad (Games, Toys and Educational Activities for Equality). The Albarracín City Hall and the Sierra de Albarracín Region actively collaborate in these renowned sessions.

The program of talks promotes, in turn, experiences aimed at promoting inclusive and equal attitudes through play and toys, and also emphasises the educational possibilities offered by traditional toys in the above areas.