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D. Michel Villalta Martín

Mayor of Albarracín, President of the City and Community Administrative Board.
Patron of the Santa María de Albarracín Foundation, President of the Albarracín Cultural Park.


Dña. Rebeca Bernad Fernández

1st Lt. As Mayor, Spokesperson for Grupo PSOE, and Delegate Councilor in:
Municipal areas of education, youth, the elderly, women and associations, which he will exercise under the name of Councilor for Education, Youth, Social Services and Citizen Participation. (“Lobetano” Secondary Education Institute and Rural Center for Educational Innovation, Councilor of the Albarracín Region).

D. José Luis Almazán Giménez

2nd Lt. From Mayor, Councilor for Heritage, Culture, Tourism, Leisure, New Technologies, Information and Communication Technologies, Public Library. Representative of the City Council of A. Asiader.

D. Fernando Sánchez Almazán

Delegate Councilor for Public Works, Town Planning, Territorial Planning, Housing, Infrastructures (industrial, roads, sports, etc.), Public Lighting, Sanitation,
Sewerage, Drinking Water Supply, Traffic, Road and Citizen Safety, Councilor of the Albarracín Region .

D. Fernando Lorenzo Moreno

Councilor for Forests, Rural Roads and Neighborhoods. Competences related to the Municipal Areas of Forests, Forest Fires, Agriculture, Livestock, Hunting, Fishing, Environment, Rural Roads and Neighborhoods.

D. Tomás Almazán Almazán

Albarracín City Councilor, Spokesperson for the Popular Party Group, and Vice President of the Albarracín Region.

Dña. Beatriz Tabuenca Juste

Albarracín City Councilor

D. Eloy Manuel Moreno Narro

Councilor of the Albarracín City Council, and Councilor of Tourism of the Albarracín Region.

Dña. Ana Almazán Martín

Albarracín City Councilor.