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Salute from the Mayor

Michel Villalta

Dear citizen and digital visitor:

I welcome you to this newly released municipal website -the previous version was designed more than two decades ago and has definitely become obsolete-. As you can see, our new digital platform is powerful, intuitive, seductive and with numerous and varied contents -some of them still under construction-; that, without fear of being wrong, will be very useful to you either to live or visit our emblematic and iconic city and its mountains. At the same time, we will also shortly begin with the internationalization of this institutional channel in English to disseminate a little more, if possible, our identity, culture and millennial heritage legacy.

On the one hand, and for our visitors or virtual tourists who plan to make a getaway or a longer stay in our city, tell them that they will be able to design their own experience by diving among the various sections and contents of the portal; that is, activities related to our extraordinary cultural heritage -both tangible and intangible- and the unusual natural legacy that surrounds it -imposing forest masses, natural spaces, river landscapes, etc.- of our extensive, and unusual, territorial delimitation.

As “essentials” or activities that you should not miss, we recommend you stroll through our suggestive walled Historic Site, one of the most complex and interesting in Spain, both during the day and at night if you believe in the theory of parallel worlds or universes. Likewise, you will also be surprised by the low light pollution in the environment, the night sunset and the magnificent starry celestial vault, at which time you only have to look at the sky and forget about everything else.

In the same way, our tempting tourist resources with a wide range of charming accommodations and lodgings to make you feel at home, an amazing local gastronomy with slow-cooked wisdom or, alternatively, will also be very useful in your leisure-leisure planning. , our fascinating and daring high-rise kitchen; without detriment, of the typical artisan and local products that you will find in our traditional retail establishments with roots.

And on the other hand, and for our citizens of Albarracín, this virtual space in continuous construction and updating will be a window of agile and dynamic communication. We are committed to innovation and knowledge and we are committed to an open, participatory and transparent city council and government. For this reason, we are implementing an ambitious e-Administration support that provides users with quick access to the information and services offered by the city; that reduces, in turn, the time and cost in the processing of the most common administrative procedures of residents and companies; and that, in short, reinforces the commitment of closeness and proximity that every City Council must seek with its citizens.

So, welcome to our portal, dive into it and, above all, participate, share and collaborate to build a competitive, open and close Albarracín. Our city is an emblem and cultural reference in our country and it has a lot to offer you.

Hoping that this visit has been interesting, valuable and useful to you, receive an affectionate greeting.

Michel Villalta Martín. Mayor of Albarracín.

Government Team


D. Michel Villalta Martín

Mayor of Albarracín, President of the City and Community Administrative Board.
Patron of the Santa María de Albarracín Foundation, President of the Albarracín Cultural Park.


Dña. Rebeca Bernad Fernández

1st Lt. As Mayor, Spokesperson for Grupo PSOE, and Delegate Councilor in:
Municipal areas of education, youth, the elderly, women and associations, which he will exercise under the name of Councilor for Education, Youth, Social Services and Citizen Participation. (“Lobetano” Secondary Education Institute and Rural Center for Educational Innovation, Councilor of the Albarracín Region).

D. José Luis Almazán Giménez

2nd Lt. From Mayor, Councilor for Heritage, Culture, Tourism, Leisure, New Technologies, Information and Communication Technologies, Public Library. Representative of the City Council of A. Asiader.

D. Fernando Sánchez Almazán

Delegate Councilor for Public Works, Town Planning, Territorial Planning, Housing, Infrastructures (industrial, roads, sports, etc.), Public Lighting, Sanitation,
Sewerage, Drinking Water Supply, Traffic, Road and Citizen Safety, Councilor of the Albarracín Region .

D. Fernando Lorenzo Moreno

Councilor for Forests, Rural Roads and Neighborhoods. Competences related to the Municipal Areas of Forests, Forest Fires, Agriculture, Livestock, Hunting, Fishing, Environment, Rural Roads and Neighborhoods.

D. Tomás Almazán Almazán

Albarracín City Councilor, Spokesperson for the Popular Party Group, and Vice President of the Albarracín Region.

Dña. Beatriz Tabuenca Juste

Albarracín City Councilor

D. Eloy Manuel Moreno Narro

Councilor of the Albarracín City Council, and Councilor of Tourism of the Albarracín Region.

Dña. Ana Almazán Martín

Albarracín City Councilor.