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Gastronomy in Albarracín

Slow cooked wisdom

Our gastronomy revolves around the products provided to us by the environment in which we live, either by cultivating the land and breeding animals, or by collecting what nature offers us directly: hunting, mushrooms, trout, wild fruits, aromatic herbs…

The harshness of the climate, with a long winter, and a short, temperate summer, makes the small kitchen garden a great treasure trove, from which the maximum benefit is reaped with imagination.

The latest trends are creating a new culinary outlook, with the new generations of chefs in Albarracín and the surrounding mountains, who are innovating, but at the same time combining local products and reinventing traditional products, to devise new dishes and ways of understanding cooking.

Every year in the Serranía de Albarracín the Jornadas Gastronómicas de las Setas (gastronomic mushroom event) are held with special tasting menus consisting of mycological dishes, as well as talks and demonstrations on mycology.

The Jornadas de la Trufa (Tuber-Melanosporum, truffle event) also takes place, with the sale and tasting at certain establishments of this highly esteemed black gold.

With lamb and kid meat, numerous initiatives are being carried out related to ‘0 kilometre consumption’ or with ‘indigenous and sustainable’ products with the intention of creating more responsible tourism.

The Gastronomy of Albarracín is a magnificent attraction for visiting the city, and can be enjoyed at any of its restaurants and by sampling the tapas on offer at the large array of taverns and bars where you can share these little gems of our cuisine.

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Some of our most famous dishes are gachas, sopas de ajo al perolico, gazpacho serrano, judías con morro, potajes de garbanzos… Dishes that have emerged from hearty recipes created to survive long working hours and the harsh winters.

And talking of wheat, you simply have to experience the migas, another wonderful ‘survival’ dish, which is sometimes served with grapes or rabbit. When it comes to healthy food, we must mention borraja (borage) and cardo (thistel), two fabulous vegetables prepared with potatoes or almond sauce. And naturally, the rebollones, colmenillas or the boletus edulis from all over our mountain range.

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Also the cured meats; jamón, longanizas, morcillas, chorizos, cecinas or somarros, dishes we have inherited from our gastronomic history, like El Frito, a meat and pork sausage preserve that grows in flavour and aroma by storing it in an orza (medieval ceramic dish).

The making of our  delicious sheep and goat cheeses, not to mention thestews (lamb), escabeches, estofados de ciervo, or the pollo al chilindrón, and naturally our famousconejo al ajillo (rabbit stew) and  trout from the Guadalaviar river, a river that embraces our land and its produce.

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And to finish, our illustrious Albarracín Sweets, which enjoy a well-known reputation, particularly the Almojábanas, a legacy recipe from the Muslim era.

The roscas, pan dormido, torta-finas, torrijas, preserves made with local fruits, as well as the honey, both the rosemary flavour and the   mixed-blossom variety, and  a long etcetera to sweeten the most discerning palates.

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