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Regulated parking areas


Albarracín has five regulated car parks around the city, which help reduce traffic congestion in the urban centre.

Depending on the activity you want to do in Albarracín, or where you are staying, you can choose any of them to park your car.


· San Antonio Car Park · 401 spaces

· Calle San Antonio Car Park · 38 spaces

· Calle Puentes Car Park · 30 spaces

· Parque Municipal Car Park · 40 spaces

· Calle Los Palacios Car Park · 30 spaces


These parking areas require a parking ticket, which you can purchase from the machines provided for this purpose in each of these areas. The price is determined by how long you leave your car parked there.

Users who don’t purchase a parking ticket or exceed the parking time paid for, and provided that the excess is not longer than 360 minutes, will be able to stop the fine process by means of post-payment of a fine cancellation ticket. This ticket can be obtained at the vending machines if the offender makes a payment of €4 at the corresponding parking meter within 360 minutes of receiving the penalty notice. This ticket must then be deposited along with the penalty notice and the original ticket purchased, if any, in a cancellation envelope.

Price 1 hour: €1
Price 24 hours: €4
Price 48 hours: €7.50
Parking violation fine: €60

Between 1 and 15 minutes0,25 €
Between 16 and 30 minutes0,50 €
Between 31 and 45 minutes0,75 €
Between 46 and 60 minutes1,00 €
Between 61 and 75 minutes1,25 €
Between 76 and 90 minutes1,50 €
Between 91 and 105 minutes1,75 €
Between 106 and 120 minutes2,00 €
Betweenv 121 and 135 minutes2,25 €
Between 136 and 150 minutes2,50 €
Between 151 and 165 minutes2,75 €
Between 166 and 180 minutes3,00 €
Between 181 and 195 minutes3,25 €
Between 196 and 210 minutes3,50 €
Between 211 and 225 minutes3,75 €
Between 226 minutes y hasta 24 horas4,00 €
Between 226 minutes and up to 48 hours7,50 €


Accessibility and Mobility

To receive more information about special accessibility and to provide you with all the relevant information, the Albarracín City Hall offers a personalised attention service through the local Police Force, who will be able to assist you with all your queries concerning your visit with people with reduced mobility.