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Charming accommodation to make you feel right at home

Albarracín has always been a destination city, both because of its location, and for discovering its winding streets, old city walls and pine forests. Geographers, naturalists, geologists and historians throughout the ages have been impressed by the area’s unique features…

Many travellers have sheltered within its walls, including El Cid and the current king of Spain, Felipe VI during his wedding; and we highlight the famous quote by another traveller, Azorín:  “We are going to one of the most beautiful cities in Spain”.

Albarracín offers a varied range of accommodation, such as hotels located in unique buildings, rural houses, charming lodgings, campsites, hostels… that all will make you feel right at home in our city.

Accommodation in Albarracín

List of establishments where you can stay in the city


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Hotel Montes Universales
21 Calle Albarracín-Teruel
Doña Blanca
C/ Llano del Arrabal 10
1877 Sensaciones
Portal de Molina 13 A
C/ Beas de Segura 1
Sol de La Vega
C/ Vega del Guadalaviar 1
Casa de Santiago
C/ Subida a las Torres 11
C/ San Antonio 9
La Casa del Abuelo
C/ Llano del Arrabal 28
Posada del Adarve
Portal de Molina 23
Hotel Arabia
C/ Bernardo Zapater 2


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