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The Climb

Albarracín and the Pinares de Rodeno, along with other strategic points on the planet, hosted the filming of this global reality show created by Chris Sharma and Jason Momoa, in which non-professional climbers face tough mental and physical challenges around the world of climbing

Year: 2023
Created by: Chris Sharma and Jason Momoa
Country: Estados Unidos
Production: HBO

El Cid

‘El Cid’ is a serie that tells the story of the man behind the legend, Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, also known as “Ruy”, from the time he was a child until he became a war hero, as he tries to find his place within of a society where the intrigues of the Crown of León try to control it. El Cid is a hero known to all but also one of the most mysterious and complex characters in the history of Spain. The plot takes place in the 11th century, one of the most fascinating periods in the history of Spain, where Christians, Arabs and Jews lived together on the Iberian Peninsula, fighting wars and/or forging alliances. A story of adventure, love, intrigue, betrayal, and struggle between those in power and those in true authority.

Year: 2020
Director: José Velasco, Luis Arranz, Adolfo Martínez Pérez, Miguel Alcantud, Marco Castillo, Arantxa Echevarria
Screenplay: Luis Arranz, Adolfo Martínez Pérez
Cast: Jaime Lorente, Carlos Bardem, Elia Galera, José Luis García Pérez, Alicia Sanz, Francisco Ortiz, Juan Echanove, Juan Fernández, Ginés García Millán, David Castillo, Lucía Díez, Lucía Guerrero, Nicolás Illoro, Zohar Liba, Jaime Olías, Álvaro Rico, Adrián Salzedo, Daniel Albaladejo, Daniel Tatay, Amr Waked, Pablo Álvarez, Emilio Buale, Sara Vidorreta, Rodrigo Poisón.
Photography: Javier Salmones
Production: Zebra Producciones

La Promesa (The Promise)

In late 1914, as the Ottoman Empire collapses, Michael, a medical student, falls in love with Ana, a dance teacher. They are both of Armenian ethnicity and are extremely attracted to each other, but Ana has a boyfriend, an American photographer. With the First World War underway and the hostility against the Armenians growing latent, the three will fight to clarify their feelings and for their own lives.

Year: 2016
Director: Terry George
Screenplay: Terry George, Robin Swicord
Cast: Oscar Isaac, Charlotte Le Bon, Christian Bale
Photography: Javier Aguirresarobe
Music: Gabriel Yared
Production: Wonderful Films, Survival Pictures

Valentina · Crónica del alba

In 1939. José Garcés, a prisoner in the Argéles concentration camp (France), manages to survive by clinging to his memories. Especially to the memory of his first and impossible love for Valentina, the notary’s daughter, a blonde and angelic girl. Around 1911, both lived a love story in a town in the north of Spain. At the age of twelve, José Garcés was a child full of vitality who hesitated between being a hero, a saint or a poet, and who invented whatever was necessary to be with Valentina, despite family threats and the disturbing shadow of the bride’s parents.

Year: 1982
Director: Antonio Betancor
Screenplay: Antonio Betancor, Lautaro Murúa, Carlos Escobedo, Javier Moro (Novela: Ramón J. Sender)
Cast: Jorge Sanz, Paloma Gómez, Anthony Quinn
Photography: Juan Ruiz Anchía
Music: Riz Ortolani
Production: Ofelia Films, Kartus P.C

Un Curita Cañón

Father Saturio is a priest incapable of keeping his mouth shut if he sees injustices being committed. That is why they have transferred him on various occasions from the parishes where they have assigned him. On this occasion, he will have to face Doña Aurora, a rich and powerful woman. The war is served.

Year: 1974
Director: Luis María Delgado
Screenplay: Vicente Escribá
Cast: Alfredo Landa, Irene Gutiérrez, Antonio Ferrandis, Nené Morales.
Photography: José Aguayo
Music: Gregorio García Segura
Production: Talia Films

¡Jo, papá!

Enrique is a well-to-do merchant who lives in a provincial town in the northwest of Spain. He is married to Alicia and has two daughters: Pilar and Carmen. Over time, his marriage has become bland and routine.

Year: 1975
Director: Jaime de Armiñán
Screenplay: Jaime de Armiñán, Juan Tébar
Cast: Fernando Fernán Gómez, Ana Belén, Carmen Armiñán, Gloria Berrocal
Photography: Manuel Berenguer
Music: José Nieto
Production: Impala, InCine S.A

Cerrado por asesinato

Manuel, deeply in love with Elena, his wife, and driven to make her dream come true: to build a chalet in the Albarracín mountains, decides to rob an English millionaire. But everything gets complicated, since he didn’t count on her accidentally killing her, or that’s what he thinks.

Year: 1961
Director: José Luis Gambona
Screenplay: José Luis Gambona, Pío Ballesteros (Novela: César Torre)
Cast: Rafael Alonso, Mara Cruz, María Rivas, Félix Dafauce, Vicente Haro
Photography: Miguel Fernández Mila (B&W)
Music: Francisco Pérez Devesa
Production: Alfyega P.C

Alma aragonesa

During the last Carlist war, Juan, a guerrilla liaison, returns to his town. There, relatives and friends update him on the changes that have taken place, but they don’t need to tell him anything when he sees his sister Dolores de él. He quickly guesses that she is not happy, despite the fact that Andrés loves her, her problems are accentuated by the lack of children. Shortly after the liberals burst in and the men of the town joined the ranks. Juan, seriously injured, hides at his sister’s house without anyone else knowing. It is rumored around town that Dolores is hiding a man and the news reaches the ears of her husband, forcing her to prove that he is innocent.

Year: 1961
Director: José María Ochoa
Screenplay: José María Ochoa, Jorge Griñán, Manuel Iglesias, Luis Fernando de Igoa, José Luis Jerez
Cast: Lilián de Celis, Manuel Monroy, José Calvo
Photography: Miguel Fernández Mila
Music: Rafael de Andrés, Manuel Monreal
Production: Águila Films


In the Sierra de Albarracín, in the confines of the provinces of Teruel and Cuenca, groups of bandits roam the most rugged landscapes, killing and looting everyone they find on their way. After assaulting a train and murdering several company employees, some bandits are pursued by the Civil Guard. Manuel, one of the gang’s accomplices, who hates his brother, the mayor of Torrepartida, because they both love the same woman, for fear of being arrested, flees the town and joins the bandits.

Year: 1956
Director: Pedro Lazaga
Screenplay: José María Benlloch, Alberto F. Galar
Cast: Adolfo Marsillach, Fernando Sancho, Germán Cobos, Nicole Gamma, Enrique Diosdado
Photography: Salvador Torres Garriga
Music: Antón García Abril
Production: Santos Alcocer P.C

La Dolorosa

The young painter Rafael (Agustín Godoy) is requested by the monks of an Aragonese convent to restore the fresco that presides over the monastery’s chapel and that represents the Sorrowful Virgin. Rafael, fascinated by the beauty of the image, meets Dolores (Rosita Díaz Gimeno) who bears an extraordinary resemblance to the figure in the painting and whom she poses as her model. The painter falls passionately in love with Dolores, but she maintains a relationship with Natalio (José María Linares-Rivas) and Rafael enters the monastery as a novice.

Year: 1934
Director: Jean Grémillon
Screenplay: Daniel Montorio, José Serrano
Cast: Rosita Díaz Gimeno, Agustín Godoy, Mary Amparo Bosch, Pilar García.
Photography: José María Beltrán
Music: Daniel Montorio, José Serrano
Production: Ediciones PCE

Pierres Vedel y la magia del agua

This documentary, whose presentation took place in Albarracín, and which is related to the Albarracín Cathedral and the Church of Santa María, covers the patrimonial legacy of the engineer and Renaissance architect Pierres Vedel in Aragón, with special interest in the province of Teruel, where he carried out works as paradigmatic as the water supply to the provincial capital. With this historical-biographical audiovisual it is intended to recover and disseminate the forgotten figure of the Frenchman, valuing his work and his extensive legacy during the 16th century.

Year: 2020
Director: José Ángel Guimera
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