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Albarracín Aventura

Albarracín Aventura is located just 10 minutes from Albarracín. Experience the adrenaline of more than 1000 metres of high ropes courses with Tibetan bridges, swinging ropes, climbing walls… and more than 500 metres of canyoning with a giant 130-metre zipline.

You can enjoy any activity without having to be in any special physical condition, and there are activities suited to all ages. Activities for children from 0.90 metres tall on a circuit installed next to the cafeteria and 200 metres away for children from 1.15 metres, accompanied by an adult up to 1.95 metres tall.

Caballos Albarracín (Horses Albarracín)

Caballos Albarracín is a centre offering equestrian activities where you are invited to discover and enjoy the exciting world of horses in the most natural way possible, learning about and enjoying how they live in a state of freedom in the region, in the heart of the Sierra de Albarracín mountains.

Venture into the world of horses from the start, at your leisure, learning about their ethology and behaviour in their natural habitat, learn how they are looked after, how they are handled and tamed, and later, if you wish, enjoy riding them on a trail. Routes range from several hours to full-day or over several days, always adapted to your needs.

La Maleza

La Maleza is a wildlife park with more than 23 hectares of land, where the impact of its installations has been reduced to a minimum, respecting the natural environment to the fullest. Here you can find wildlife representative of our Iberian system.

Located in the middle of the Pinares del Rodeno, a landscape that is so characteristic of the Sierra de Albarracín, in the Barranco La Maleza, you will be able to enjoy an extraordinary environment. A place where you can disconnect from the stress of daily routines.

At La Maleza, you will find animals like deer, fallow deer, wild goat, mouflon, wild boar, the Iberian wolf, fox, ferret, genet as well as a farm with more domesticated animals.


Albarracín has become a world reference point for bouldering, with more than 1,700 blocs distributed among 17 sectors, with unrivalled conditions for enjoying this sport.

The Pinares del Rodeno with its red sandstone rocks and its spectacular views, is the area of the Sierra de Albarracín with more affluence and sectors to partake in this type of climbing.

As this is a protected area, be aware that there are specific regulations that must be complied with before climbing. You can find more information in the guide in this section, as well as at the area’s hotel establishments and the Albarracín Tourist Office.

Regulations allow bouldering and classical climbing in designated areas, but prohibit the practice of sport climbing and the installation of via ferrata equipment.

The protected landscape of Los Pinares de Rodeno has a new regulation on climbing, overnight stays and camping. The order, published on Tuesday 19 April 2022 in the Official Gazette of Aragon, includes aspects such as the prohibition of sport climbing or camping throughout the protected natural area.  This regulation that will remain in force until the publication of the new Master Plan for the Use and Management (PRUG) of Los Pinares de Rodeno Protected Landscape, and it aims to strike the right balance between the public use of space and the conservation of its natural assets.

It includes the following measures:


1. The practice of sport climbing and the installation of via ferrata equipment is prohibited in Los Pinares de Rodeno Protected Landscape.

2. Classical climbing, provided that all safety equipment is fully removed, and bouldering are permitted in the established areas in Navazo (Albarracín sector), El Cascantejo (Gea de Albarracín sector) and the area of Callejones (Bezas sector). Within these areas, it is prohibited on the rocks that are visible from the tarmacked forest path from Albarracín to Dornaque (VF-TE-05), and in a 30-metre radius of the shelters that contain cave art.

3. The practice of classical climbing and bouldering is permitted between sunrise and sunset, in the official sunrise and sunset times established by the National Geographic Institute in Teruel.

4. In line with the provisions of the consolidated text of the Law on Protected Areas of Aragón, the removal of vegetation in order to facilitate the practice of climbing is prohibited.

5. The use of trace markers containing magnesium is prohibited. The rocks must be marked using methods that do not alter or stain them, and any residue must be removed at the end of the activity. The use of magnesium as a security measure must be kept to a minimum and subsequently removed. The cleaning process will attempt to collect it for removal to a municipal waste container and thus avoid erosive effects on the rock.


1. All organised sporting activities, competitive or otherwise, must be authorised by the Protected Landscape Manager.

2. Competitive mortised sporting trials may only be authorised on the A-1513 highway.

3. Non-competitive motorised routes or excursions may take place on the tracks indicated on the map in Annex II. The maximum permitted speed is 30 km/h and the maximum number of vehicles allowed in convoy is five.

4. Non-motorised sporting trials, training and exhibitions, either competitive or non-competitive, may only take place on the tracks indicated in Annex II. Exceptionally, these activities may take place outside of these tracks with the prior authorisation of Di-csv: BOA20220419023 Num.74 Official Gazette of Aragón 19/04/202213569 Protected Landscape Manager, in those cases that are compatible with the conservation objectives and other authorised uses and activities.

5. Except in the case of the trails referred to in paragraph 2, the priority for traffic on the roads shall be for pedestrians, followed by horses, bicycles and finally motor vehicles.

6. Authorisations shall be conditional on compliance with the following requirements:

a) Be compatible with the conservation objectives established in Decree 91/1995, of 2 May, of the Regional Government of Aragón, on the declaration of the protected landscape of Los Pinares de Rodeno.

b) The placement of any signs associated with the trial must be authorised. Such signs may only be temporary and must be removed no later than 48 hours after the trial has ended.

c) Establishment by the applicant entity of sufficient guarantees for the restoration of any damage that may be caused to the natural environment or to the infrastructures of the natural space, as well as for the subsequent cleaning after the activity. A deposit may be requested for this purpose.

d) The number of participants may not exceed 400 for walking activities, 200 for bicycles and 50 for horses. Exceptionally, activities with a higher number of participants may be authorised by the Protected Landscape Manager, when the characteristics of the trial guarantee the conservation of the natural values of the protected natural area.

7. The use of compressed air rifles and the like (including paintball markers) and the carrying of weapons used for these activities is prohibited.

8. Hosting certain types of organised events (pilgrimage, camp masses, etc.) will require authorisation from the Protected Landscape Manager.


1. Camping (understood as outdoor accommodation, outside of camp sites and isolated rural houses, using tents, caravans, mobile shelters or other means of sheltering oneself, with or without supplementary activities) is prohibited in all its modalities, as well as the installation of summer camps.

2. The erection of awnings and umbrellas, as well as the installation of chairs, tables, sun loungers, etc. outside recreational areas is also prohibited.

3. Staying overnight on the Protected Landscape’s public lands requires authorisation from the Protected Natural Space Manager, except in shelters conditioned for such (Libros and Casilla de Gea).


1. Parking of vehicles outside the authorised and duly signposted areas is prohibited, in accordance with the provisions of the consolidated text of the Law on the Protected Spaces of Aragón.


More info · Full order in the State Gazette